Anubis Lord of the Mummy Wrapping. P.Spooner

Anubis, Lord of the Mummy Wrapping
By Paul Spooner.



Zhang Tianwei maître des cerfs-volants.

Zhang Tianwei  maître des cerfs-volants.

Zhang Tianwei, 80 ans, originaire de la ville de Xi’an, dans le nord-ouest de la Chine, a créé de magnifiques cerfs-volants mécaniques. Au cours des 30 dernières années, il a fabriqué des centaines de cerfs-volants




"Kite Zhang's Kites" Teaser from Nathan Yun on Vimeo.



Bipolar Brain

Bipolar Brain



Kazu the automata maker...HELP



Jacob and the Angel by Keith Newstead

Jacob and the Angel by Keith Newstead




5 fools only Paul?

5 fools only? Paul ?

 ‘In olden times being a fool was a job.’ Paul Spooner

Not today ?



Archer automaton by Derek Hutchison

Archer automaton by Derek Hutchison
(Del Cat) 28 dec 2016

Description I'm an amateur bowyer in the UK just North of London. I'm semi retired, so I have more time for this stuff. Check out my "Bowyers Diary" blog . I mostly use native UK woods and it's mostly self bows or a few backed bows. 150# English Yew Warbow is the heaviest I've built. Derek Hutchison.



The english spring, Paul Spooner

The english spring, Paul Spooner

25 February 2020
01 November 2020
Drop into Hastings Museum & Art Gallery to see artist Paul Spooner's magnificent automata, the English Spring. Powered by a 50 pence piece, the English Spring gives you a taste of Ingenious Contraptions, our automata exhibition starting in July 2020. Until 1st Nov 2020.